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  • Duff sat next to Kurt Cobain on a flight to Seattle days before Cobain's death. Cobain had just fled rehab in Los Angeles and was returning home to Seattle. Duff is one of the only people who has positively identified seeing Cobain after his escape.
  • Duff is left handed, but plays guitar/bass right handed.
  • Duff took Martial Arts with renowned fighter Benny Urquidez, which attributes to his current physique.[2]
  • Duff stands 6 feet, 3 inches tall.[5]
  • Duff has stated that he is color blind, which is why he usually wears all black.[6]
  • Duff has a tattoo of the word "Grace" on his wrist which is the name of his daughter. According to Duff, she was named after the album playing on the stereo while she was conceived: Jeff Buckley's "Grace".
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